Every transformation is different. What our clients can always rely on - implementation strength and speed.


The effects of the coronavirus crisis, changing legal requirements, and advancing digitalization are leading to short-term, disruptive changes in the market and competitive environment. Restructuring and insolvency-related advisory issues must therefore always be considered holistically for each respective company. In this situation, we provide comprehensive advice on all strategic issues. Our services include, among others:

  • Preparation of expert reports according to IDW S6 (full scope)
  • Business case simulations
  • Special situations M&A and distressed M&A
  • Development of restructuring options including provisional self-administration or protective shield (with integrated financial planning)
  • Development and implementation of pre-packaged solutions as preparation for the restructuring options
  • Comprehensive debt advisory services
  • Portfolio valuations


Our operational advisory services encompass all levers for improving a company's earnings and cost situation – from analysis through definition of measures to support during implementation. Clients in particular benefit from our expertise in the areas of:

  • Working capital management
  • "Business premises" and "real estate" optimization
  • Workforce adaptation and restructuring
  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs

The combined approach can rapidly increase business results and operating margins.

Moreover, with the help of our goetzpartners Book Logic®, we also unlock the full potential of transformation programs for our clients. Our proven approach links the defined measures directly to the income statement − the impact of each measure can thus be directly demonstrated in relation to the financial performance.

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In the field of financial restructuring, we support companies and financial investors with the following services, among others:

  • Planning validation including the preparation of integrated planning (balance sheet, income statement, cash-flow statement)

  • Cash management setup and support, including a rolling 13-week cash-flow forecast

  • Payment status preparation or insolvency check according to IDW S 11

  • Analysis of financing structures within the scope of  debt advisory


Our advisory services in the area of interim management particularly include the appointment of a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). In many restructuring projects, the CRO plays a key role in taking the necessary steps in close communication and coordination between shareholders and stakeholders.

Depending on the individual client situation, we flank the entire transformation program with a Project Management Office (PMO), which tracks the milestones and financial effects of the individual initiatives overall in the business case/liquidity plan and income statement.

Transformation: accomplished.

We use the goetzpartners Book Logic® to unlock the full potential of transformation programs for our clients. This performance management approach enables a direct link between the income statement and the measures taken, thus continuously increasing value creation from planning to execution. What’s more, the use of Book Logic® prevents the multiple counting of effects.

The steps to improve performance are being advanced throughout the company along so-called Color Books®. What are the key factors for a successful transformation and what potential savings do the individual Color Books® offer?



goetzpartners identified the key value levers in the company in the shortest amount of time. These findings then laid the foundation for a successful transformation.

Dr. Andreas Bonhoff
Managing Director
TTP Group


Back on track.

Our client, a leading global corporate communications group, was under enormous pressure. New market needs were no longer covered by the current product portfolio, demand was falling, and the company was posting losses. In addition, the company was struggling with the high turnover of key employees and a lack of management presence.

Together with goetzpartners, the situation was able to be turned around: Total cost savings of 280 million euros and an EBIT increase of more than 275 percent were achieved. The restructuring was implemented "on time" and "on budget" by the consulting team. Furthermore, the project resulted in a finished go-to-market concept and the establishment of a new social structure.




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