Corporate Social Responsibility

People. Planet. Project. Philanthropy.
For us, success also means taking responsibility for the bigger picture.

Our CSR Concept

Taking responsibility – within the company, for colleagues, society and our environment – is key to how we do business, as is our commitment to achieving long-term impact in every social project and initiative.

We summarize this understanding of responsibility in the four "Ps":

By this we understand the responsibility of our employees and for our employees. We uphold our responsibility to society, our own values and the people we work with. We expect the same mindset from every single person on board. Certain convictions are key to our corporate culture: fair treatment and remuneration, support and development for each individual, engaging with people on equal terms, and social responsibility as a factor in recruitment.
Ethical practice is our guiding principle in customer projects. We select our projects with care, and are committed to fair cooperation at all times. We also carry the principle of responsibility through to implementation. These values are set out in our Code of Conduct.
In light of the responsibility we bear towards our planet and future generations, we strive to do our best for the environment and climate in business activities at all our offices, national and international – for example by avoiding emissions through power from renewable sources, or the gradual rollout of recycling concepts at our locations.
Providing long-term support to social initiatives is a commitment we take personally and seriously. Our social projects focus on helping children and adolescents, and integrating refugees and migrants into our society. We work closely with established partners, enable our staff to volunteer pro-bono service during working hours, and also provide funding to selected initiatives either directly or through the goetzpartners Foundation.

goetzpartners has signed the „Charta der Vielfalt”. In this way, we speak up for the recognition, appreciation, and integration of diversity in business culture. Our company spirit mirrors mutual respect and an appreciative, unbiased working environment.


The DE&I Mover is awarded by ACI Consulting and is intended to demonstrate: Companies exist who go beyond "feel-good" diversity and rainbow logos and initiate real change and show an honest commitment to DE&I. These companies actively “move” / drive diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives forward. The DE&I Mover 2022 recipients have made a strong commitment to change and progress in these areas this year.


We want to create a culture of integrity across our organization. Therefore, we have joined the United Nations Global Compact and made its principles an integral part of our business strategy, day-to-day operations, and organizational culture. This embraces our commitment to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles, take actions to support society, and report to the UN Global Compact annually on our ongoing efforts.


goetzpartners is a climate-neutral company. Together with ClimatePartner, we calculate and reduce all CO2 emissions. Every year, we update our carbon footprint. This allows us to identify all relevant reduction potential and track exactly how much we have already achieved. We offset all unavoidable emissions through internationally recognized climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio.


The goetzpartners Foundation

Success comes with responsibility – responsibility towards society and responsibility for your own actions and values. To this day, this conviction remains an important element of goetzpartners’ corporate culture. And that goes for the company and all of its employees.

goetzpartners takes a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. We are supporting select pro-bono projects by providing expertise. In addition, goetzpartners is encouraging every member of its staff to invest time and energy in support of social projects on four days each year. Last but not least, goetzpartners provides these social initiatives with financial support in the form of donations and via the goetzpartners Foundation established in 2016. The projects will be chosen by an advisory panel of the foundation, members of goetzpartners’ management, and an external council. 

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The focus of goetzpartners’ social commitment is to include disadvantaged people. This includes supporting needy children and young people, and helping refugees and migrants to include into society.

Armin Raffalski

Selected volunteering projects

aktiF e.V.

The non-profit association aktiF e.V. was set up in 2013 by Germans and citizens of Turkish descent as an initiative of the Order of Saint John. The initiative provides children of Turkish descent who are of primary school age and their parents with mentors with the same cultural background, and systematically prepares them to live in German society and take advantage of the opportunities offered by it. goetzpartners is helping both Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. and aktiF e.V. with organisational development, and cooperating with managers on a concept to expand beyond the current Munich locations.

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Lighthouse Welcome Center

The Lighthouse Welcome Center is a welcome point for migrants at the Bayernkaserne reception centre for migrants in Munich. In several shifts between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., around 100 trained volunteers welcome the new arrivals and provide them with everything they need to know about the site, the neighbourhood, and the city of Munich itself. Here too, goetzpartners is involved in a pro-bono project to transfer the idea of the Lighthouse Welcome Center to other sites and thus broaden the scope of the project.

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Since the Malteser facilities were first established in 1989, the aid organisation’s work has always revolved around the uniqueness of the individual and the latter’s manifold opportunities for personal development. Individual circumstances can place people at a disadvantage or hinder their development, and this is why Malteser focuses on young people who need help in finding their place in life and going their own way. They motivate and help people to recognise their own strengths and talents, develop new prospects in life, and be accountable for their own futures. goetzpartners has been cooperating with Malteser at several locations since 2012, deploying teams of consultants to projects in the areas of migration, youth work, schooling and social affairs.

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SchlaU Schule

The goetzpartners Foundation supports the SchlaU Schule project of the “Junge Flüchtlinge e.V.” sponsorship group. Around 400 refugees are currently benefiting from the group’s programmes and schools, where they receive intensive tuition and support tailored to their needs. The aim is to integrate the young people into Germany’s mainstream school and training system as quickly as possible; enduring integration is then facilitated by providing help and assistance during training or further education.

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Corporate-Volunteering Engagements

Here, staff from goetzpartners participate in numerous additional projects. They include: Caritas (various on-the-job projects and work at Caritas youth centres), Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. , “Zeit des Lachens” initiative, AJE Career Training (Paris)