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“goetzpartners technologies” is the tech design and implementation unit of goetzpartners. Let's start turning your digital vision into business reality!

the gap.

Say goodbye to tech execution gaps. We secure a smooth transformation from concept to implementation.

Leaving a

We build to make a difference. This is why all concepts and technologies are tailored to achieve the greatest possible business impact.

When standards are not enough

As a tech builder, we use the right concepts and tailored technologies to bring your digital vision to life while overcoming the often existing tech execution gaps – for a sweeping transformation success.

Our company is a full powerhouse that brings together business and IT expertise to create value in the areas of process digitalization, data product factories and digital commerce solutions. We work hand in hand with our customers all the way from the initial concept to implementation. With more than 1,000 design, software development, data and product management experts in our ecosystem, we help you successfully realize your digital transformation. To this end, we combine proven business methods with cutting-edge technologies and the right tech experts for each topic. That allows us to design, build, implement and scale customized solutions for different functions from sales to HR across all core industries.

We bring digital
concepts to life

Our areas of expertise are process digitalization, data product factories and digital commerce solutions – completely customized from concept to implementation.


Transparent and digital processes are the prerequisite for achieving a sustainable transformation and positive effects in the areas of operational efficiency, quality and costs.

We digitalize your process landscape from individual process steps to a fully digital process map, using the entire technological spectrum from low code to artificial intelligence.

What makes this possible is our technology-independent bottom-up approach:

  • First, we record and visualize the actual processes and activities of your employees with the help of our process navigator.
  • Based on proven methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, we simplify and standardize the processes.
  • Subsequently, the new process map is digitized and automated along the target vision.

This approach enables us to create an immediate, transparent overview of your current processes and achieve rapid implementation success by simplifying, standardizing, digitalizing and automating the process map. Not only do we guarantee successful technical implementation; we also make sure that the people in your organization are fully involved. Staff members receive training that is tailored to their needs, enabling them to work with the new processes, maintain them and develop them further. Only then can a digital transformation also become a long-term success.

Data Product

Making business decisions on the basis of valid data not only improves the quality of your decision-making, but also contributes to your business success. Data quality and availability are thus becoming critical success factors.

We help you transform your existing data organization into a powerful, scalable and integrated data product factory – resulting in improved business decisions and greater business success.

Our five steps to a successful product data factory:

  • Develop a data vision and governance system 
  • Develop business-oriented use cases
  • Operationalize the data 
  • Gain insights through analytics and business intelligence
  • Capture, process and provide data using the right infrastructure

Our data product factory will enable you to identify business opportunities and challenges sooner and deal with them proactively. This not only increases the agility of your business, but also allows you to continuously increase your revenue on a data-driven basis – while reducing your costs at the same time.

Digital Commerce

An inspired, customer-centric customer journey across all channels improves customer acquisition as well as customer loyalty and contributes to a sustainable increase in customer value.

We create exceptional customer experiences in both B2B and B2C environments by combining innovation and customer centricity throughout the customer journey. Our range of services extends from the development of traditional online stores to customer portals and comprehensive omnichannel solutions.

We take a digital commerce approach that goes far beyond a great digital product. Our methodology includes:

  • In-depth exploration of customer needs using UX design thinking and customer journey mapping
  • Assessment of your technical infrastructure to ensure the desired customer experience can be delivered
  • Hypothesis-driven validation of ideas and requirements using UX research, smoke testing, prototyping, etc., prior to the development of a solution with the goal of reducing its complexity and costs
  • Centralized technical implementation as well as comprehensive going-to-market support for marketing, sales and change management to ensure the best possible achievement of business objectives

This combination of a professional technical market launch and launch support on the business side is unique in the market and central to the sustainable success of your digital commerce solution.


 Christian Imhof

Christian Imhof Managing Director
Head of goetzpartners technologies

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