Strategy & Growth

The complexity of the landscape calls for fresh ways of addressing the core issues of business. It is vital to find individual answers.


A forward-looking corporate strategy, tailored around your organization, is key to securing long-term competitive advantage. This has impact at every level – departments, business units and the entire organization.

goetzpartners helps decision makers to evolve their strategy along the best pathway for the organization, and take it into action.

The key elements of our service portfolio:

  • Strategy & portfolio review
  • Business wargaming
  • Business model reconfiguration
  • Strategy planning

Analysis generates data; data leads to answers; answers culminate in decisions. The strategy development process of goetzpartners has only one goal: measurable success.




We help you to develop effective market and product strategies from the perspective of your target groups. The results are concepts that don’t just work in theory: they can stand up to the tough realities of the business world.

Our advisers are proficient in all the methodologies that are routinely applied to develop successful product and market strategies. Our competences include:

  • Market strategy and regional footprint
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product portfolio strategy
  • R&D strategy
  • Distribution channel strategy

With goetzpartners expertise on their side, customers enjoy significant competitive edge.




The “CFO Agenda” developed by goetzpartners is a structured pathway, tried and tested in practice, which enables financial organizations to develop their own identity, focus on key added value and quickly achieve best-in-class level.

Our advisers focus on five core areas:

  • Developing a clear service model with defined responsibilities, business units and regions
  • Reducing complexity
  • Standardizing and automating processes
  • Introducing sound governance
  • Acquiring and processing information

The financial data accumulated in the organization has to be harmonized, in order to provide operating-level management with quality intelligence on which to base their decisions. It takes state-of-the-art information systems to pull all this data together. goetzpartners helps organizations to implement this digital transformation.




Innovation strategy that breaks fresh ground

Growth through innovation – A declared Deutsche Telekom AG goal. To achieve this, the management of the wide-ranging and highly multi-faceted portfolio needed to be optimized in the area of Product and Innovation. goetzpartners supported the company by introducing a portfolio analysis system tailored to Telecom's specific needs and aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking and competition within the portfolio.

Thanks to the expert advice provided by goetzpartners, Deutsche Telekom now has transparent innovation portfolios, with a set of performance & opportunity metrics by which it can judge how to allocate investment. And with the controlling concept introduced by goetzpartners, the corporation has great scope and flexibility to try out fresh ideas.


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