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Smart Cities, renewable energies and eMobility: we understand the energy and transport transition as an overall societal transformation.


The energy and mobility sectors, along with the related infrastructure, constitute the backbone of modern societies and therefore are a core element of our everyday lives.

Disruptive developments such as digitization are currently exerting immense transformation pressure on the energy and mobility sectors, culminating in the current energy and transport transition. In specific terms, for the energy and mobility sectors this means a reciprocal and also mutually accelerating development of the kind that is being witnessed in the field of smart cities and eVehicles, for instance. This also entails CAPEX-intensive infrastructure projects that lay the foundations for the forthcoming changes. A consistent trend in this regard is the abandonment of an isolated view of individual segments. This interaction – accelerated by technological developments – leads to traditional value chains being broken up and relevant activities being regrouped.

Enterprises engaged in these industries thus face the challenge of consistently having to renew themselves and their business models and to actively include today’s employees in this transformation and enable them to participate in shaping the future. In the process, on the one hand classic business models need to be reconsidered, with traditional organizational structures calling for adaptation. On the other, external growth options that lie beyond the original corporate perimeter also need to be newly determined.

goetzpartners is convinced that today’s energy and transport transition is to be understood as an overall societal transformation and uses its Industry Group Energy, Infrastructure & Mobility to assist its clients with their strategic questions and the challenges they face. With our unique combination of management consulting and corporate finance services, we support companies in shaping their individual solutions.

CO2-neutral hydrogen economy?

How governments and enterprises can find a realistic – and economically successful – way to start the journey.

5 theses:


It’s time to re-think the hydrogen debate!

In a joint project with “Future Cleantech Architects” goetzpartners has developed 5 theses discussing the pitfalls and potentials of hydrogen:

  • The path towards competitive green hydrogen is longer and more complex than often suggested.
  • Economic battles that hydrogen cannot foreseeably win, must be deprioritized early enough.
  • The carbon footprint of hydrogen needs to be considered more realistically.
  • Germany will not be able to produce its entire demand of green hydrogen domestically.
  • Market participants that cannot compete internationally should avoid the field.

In this video snippet Dr. Klaus Grellmann, Managing Director, goetzpartners, and Dr. Peter Schniering, CEO, FCA are discussing their key takeaways.


Regional utility company: Growing from a position of strength

Successful change of perspective with a view to the non-regulated market


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We have accompanied numerous energy-relevant transactions. With over 200 international sell-side and buy-side transactions totaling in excess of 15 billion euros in the last ten years alone, goetzpartners is one of the most successful mid-market M&A firms. This success is founded on our sector expertise and excellent process management, valued by financial investors and corporate clients alike.



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