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We do not state the obvious. We explore the target’s core to provide meaningful assessments for your successful investments.

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goetzpartners Private Equity Consulting is the leading partner in the mid-cap private equity industry. Recognized at eye-level as a respected sparring-partner, we give our clients, such as investors and shareholders, confidence with respect to core questions regarding buy, hold and sell strategies. We accompany our clients throughout the entire investment life cycle – from the initial target approach, the client’s decision of the right investments with a fair valuation perspective, to identification and implementation of the company’s true value, as well as a value-maximizing exit.

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Today, it has become increasingly challenging to identify and acquire compelling targets with justified valuations. Besides the significant dry powder available through global buyout funds, the increased investment appetite of corporate M&A-driven growth agendas further intensifies competition for the most attractive assets. Industry experts from our vertically structured Private Equity team work together with clients to develop the right investment thesis to improve the quality of deal flow. 

Leveraging our longstanding industry expertise and broad origination network, we unveil robust and analytically informed insights on the industry ecosystem. Our structured market screenings allow for the exploration of industry-specific characteristics and developments and the identification of attractive segments that are worthwhile to invest in or qualify for our client’s buy-and-build strategy.

Through effective target identification, we prioritize valuable targets based on a pre-defined value logic to generate a comprehensive long list that is further narrowed down to an actionable short list. This enables us to develop a sharp point of view for prioritized targets as well as devise a plan on how to approach them.


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We serve our clients during the acquisition phase by assessing the target’s full potential for the right deal decision-making. We take an unbiased view, follow a numbers-driven approach and act quickly and purposefully to give the client comfort about the core questions regarding to strategy, operations and IT.

Within each investment opportunity, we explore the uniqueness of the target’s business model and the ability to satisfy its customers’ needs; assess the market environment, competitive positioning and evolving industry dynamics; review the business plan as well as detect upside opportunities following a hypothesis-driven approach.

Understanding the business and the industry is the prerequisite of what we do, whether it be through challenging underlying target assumptions or through identifying value creation levers and a sound exit strategy. Our clients can draw on our long-standing and international expertise in the due diligence managing of projects that range from commercial due diligence, red flag due diligence, pre-due diligence, as well as IT, to cost or operational due diligence.


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To provide an actionable post-acquisition agenda, it takes a good “equity story”, clear strategic roadmap, well defined levers and prompt execution. Together with our clients we define the best ways to create sustainable value out of the asset and achieve timely results and performance improvements, which need to be recognized within the profit and loss statement.

goetzpartners covers all major areas of value creation related to strategy, top- and bottom-line or financial structuring to maximize long-term profitability and free-cash flows. As part of the commercial due diligence, we identify value creation levers as well as first quick wins to ensure the prompt execution of actions after acquisition. We further specify, measurable initiatives, quantify value creation potentials as well as define responsibilities and a clear roadmap.

We provide end-to-end support from strategy definition to execution, and the close interaction between our value creation and dedicated due diligence teams ensure integrated full-service coverage and provide the required expertise throughout all investment phases.


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We believe that a stringent exit strategy culminates in exceptional returns and prevents price misalignments – therefore investor anticipation, rigorous execution and comprehensive documentation of a forward-looking equity story are indispensable.

During the exit process, we serve our clients with commercial vendor due diligence or commercial factbooks and help to earn returns by defining the ideal exit strategy and equity story for a pre-defined buyer’s universe. We analyse industry trends, assess business cycles as well as current equity market conditions and run an exit sprint program to set the company on the right growth path. In order to illustrate the firm's profitable core, refine and strengthen the management's business plan and detect tangible growth opportunities, we work closely with owners and management.

goetzpartners is the ideal partner in the exit process for clients because we provide a crisp but exhaustive basis of communication for bidders as well as flexible support with answers for potential questions from buyers or lenders.


Our Value Proposition


With a leading track record as the trusted advisor of numerous strategic and financial investors, goetzpartners has proven to provide its clients with a compelling competitive advantage along the entire investment life cycle. Therefore, our private equity consulting team is often the first choice of private equity funds in front-running deals around the world and across multiple industries.

We deliver a unique deal intelligence at an early stage through extensive market sounding and close interactions with key stakeholders. By leveraging sound market insights and deep industry expertise, complemented by a wide network of experts, we provide answers to the most pressing due diligence questions early in the process. With our ability to identify the key drivers of a business model and to develop a tangible equity story, we help our clients maximize their portfolio value during the holding period and in the exit planning process.

Exceptional Insights

goetzpartners understands the specific needs of private equity companies and delivers a setup which allows us to meet the high requirements optimally, quickly, pragmatically and as a respected eye-level sparring-partner.

Our setup includes:

  • A carefully selected team with extensive industrial and operational experience acquired over many years.
  • A vertical team structure with dedicated industry specialists and a large network of dedicated industry experts which provides reliable answers for critical and industry specific questions. Our private equity expertise mainly covers Industrials, Healthcare, TMT, Business Services and Consumer Goods. More about our sector expertise
  • Substantial methodological tools to generate in-depth insights, including a wide set of data bases, a variety of different survey methods, comprehensive bottom-up and top-down market modelling, sensible management questioning and many out-of-the-box thinking methodologies, to mention only a few.

Integrated full service

Our uniquely integrated full-service offering enables us to deliver a coordinated deal team with fast information flow, minimal yield loss and highly efficient alignment in the form of a convenient one-stop. This makes goetzpartners the preferred partner for all key issues and questions in buy-side and sell-side transactions for many financial and strategic investors:

  • Our Private Equity Consulting team works closely with our clients to answer their most pressing questions related to any commercial, operational or technical aspects. We support clients in gaining transparency on markets, competitive dynamics and business plan achievability; assessing a target’s full potential for smart deal decision-making; defining and executing truly value enhancing measures for portfolio companies and finally identifying the optimal exit strategy to achieve investors’ returns. 
  • Our M&A team offers clients a secure foundation for various types of transactions, such as buy- and sell-side situations, carve-outs or fundraisings providing valuable advice regarding efficient process execution, valuation matters, expert networks as well as support and coordination throughout the entire process. 
    More about our M&A team
  • Our Debt Advisory team provides objective advice on optimal debt structures, sources of funding and terms of financing, thereby helping to leverage the success of our clients’ transactions.  
    More about our Debt Advisory team

Key facts and figures

Latest transactions Private Equity Consulting

goetzpartners advised EMZ Partners (“EMZ”) with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a minority stake in Simon Hegele Group (“Simon Hegele” or “the Company”). The Commercial Due Diligence included a comprehensive analysis of Simon Hegele's service portfolio and its market environment with a particular focus on the company’s differentiating edge compared to its competitors. 


goetzpartners advised Telio Management and Deutsche Beteiligungs AG ("DBAG Fund VI") with a Commercial Vendor Due Diligence on the sale of Telio Management GmbH ("Telio"), the European leader in the provision of technology and communication services to correctional facilities, to Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP ("Charterhouse"). In addition, goetzpartners supported in the formulation of a go-to-market strategy for Telio's new business segment.


goetzpartners advised H.I.G. Capital with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in Infratech Bau GmbH, one of the leading general contractors of infrastructure services deploying fiber-to-the-home broadband networks and bringing Gigabit internet to households and businesses in Germany.


goetzpartners advised Naxicap Partners with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in myStromer AG, the leading manufacturer of premium speed pedelecs in Europe and the United States, with a market share of over 20 percent each country.


goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting Practice advised Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen (“HQIB”) with a Commercial Due Diligence on the joint acquisition of a majority stake in HORN & COSIFAN Computersysteme GmbH ("HORN & COSIFAN"), a leading regional IT system house in the Rhein-Main Area, and PK Office GmbH ("PK Office"), a leading transregional provider of integrated-overall IT-services.




goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting team supported 7days management and Silverfleet Capital with a Commercial Vendor Due Diligence on the sale of 7days, a leading supplier of modern and innovative medical workwear for the healthcare industry.


goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting Practice advised Marlin Equity Partners (“Marlin”) with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in COYO GmbH (“COYO” or “the Company”), a leading provider of B2B social intranet and employee engagement software solutions.


goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting team supported Gantner management and Ardian with a Commercial Vendor Due Diligence on the sale of GANTNER Electronic Austria Holding GmbH ("Gantner"), specialized in electronic access, ticketing and billing systems as well as smart locks for lockers.


goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting Practice advised svt Holding GmbH (“svt”), a portfolio company of Ergon Capital Partners III S.A. (“Ergon”) and a leading provider of preventive passive fire protection products, installation management, and damage restoration services, with a Strategic Review for supporting its combination with PFP Group SAS (“Odice”), a leading French manufacturer of fire protection products and market leader in the area of intumescent seals and thermal insulation materials especially for fire doors.

goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting team advised HQ Equita with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in MUEGGE GmbH (“MUEGGE”), a specialist for industrial microwave and plasma technology.

The Commercial Due Diligence included a detailed analysis of the Company’s technology portfolio and business model. In addition, goetzpartners assessed the size and the growth prospects of MUEGGE’s addressed core segments. The report also included a detailed analysis of the Company’s competitive positioning. Conclusively, the results were used to assess the management's business plan.


goetzpartners' Private Equity consulting team advised univativ Group (“univativ”), a Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund (“TSM”) company and a leading German provider of specialized personnel services, with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in OPUS ONE Recruitment GmbH (“OPUS ONE” or “the Company”), a specialized personnel service provider for qualified commercial white collar graduates, young and senior professionals.
The Commercial Due Diligence included a comprehensive assessment of OPUS ONE’s business. In addition, goetzpartners built an in-depth market model to determine the size of addressed market segments and to evaluate future growth potentials. Furthermore, goetzpartners evaluated OPUS ONE’s strategic fit with univativ including potential synergies and regional growth opportunities.

goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting Team advised Triton Smaller Mid-Cap Fund (“TSM”) with a Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of a majority stake in LAMINA TECHNOLOGIES SA (“Lamina”), a technology leader and pioneer in manufacturing multi-material (Multi-Mat) carbide cutting tools for SME across different industries. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The Commercial Due Diligence included a comprehensive assessment of Lamina’s business model with a focus on the unique Multi-Mat technology and the sustainability of its customer relationships. In addition, goetzpartners built an in-depth market model to determine the size of the company’s addressed niche and to evaluate future growth drivers. The Commercial Due Diligence also included a detailed analysis of Lamina’s competitive positioning. Ultimately, the results were used to assess the management's business plan and to evaluate further value creation opportunities.


goetzpartners' Private Equity Consulting team supported IHSE management and Brockhaus Private Equity with a Commercial Vendor Due Diligence on the sale of IHSE Group.

The Commercial Vendor Due Diligence included a comprehensive discussion of the company’s product portfolio in the area of real-time and low latency audio-visual data transmission technology. Also, the company's business model was assessed, incl. a detailed analysis of IHSE's routes-to-market and customer structure. A bottom-up market assessment of multiple end-segments in the pro audio-visual industry as well as an evaluation of IHSE's competitive positioning was conducted. Conclusively, the results were used to assess the management's business plan and to evaluate further growth opportunities. 


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