Navigating in times of crisis

Times of cirsis pose many challenges for companies. We support our clients in overcoming the crisis with the following services:

  • Quick check of the current, company-specific situation
  • Implementation of emergency measures, e.g.: Liquidity protection (incl. Debt Advisory) and liquidity procurement or communication with affected stakeholders
  • Elaboration of options for short, medium, and long-term measures, also including the creative aspects of insolvency law (e.g. provisional self-administration and protective shielding procedures)
  • Support in the implementation of the chosen action option. If desired, we also provide experienced interim managers (CRO, CTO) to strengthen the internal teams.

If you have any questions, you can reach our task force for a free consultation via  or +49 89 290 725 133 at any time.


To gain transparency about whether and to what extent a company is affected by a current crisis, we immediately prepare an initial analysis ("Quick Check") together with the company’s experts. The aim of this Quick Check is to identify immediate measures in the areas of finance, operations, employees, market, as well as liquidity protection and liquidity procurement, among others. These measures require specific documentation for the respective stakeholders and - in the second step - coordinated communication.

The result of a Quick Check can be available within a few hours or days, depending on the data situation within the company.

For this purpose, we use a standardized approach developed by goetzpartners on the base of numerous projects.


Shaping the
new normal

In many industries and sectors, immediate measures will not be sufficient to restore the affected company's financial and operational stability.

Therefore, the development of short, medium, and long-term options for action is indispensable. In this case, we are the right partner with our transformation and restructuring experience.

Our advisors have the experience of a multitude of successful projects. In cooperation with our clients, they will develop the appropriate operational options with the necessary financial planning within a short period of time. In some cases, the consideration of insolvency-specific alternatives such as a protective shield procedure will be important and goal-oriented.

Here, too, we support clients with our proven, tool-based approaches and the decades of expertise. In implementing the planned measures, clients benefit from our professional, entrepreneurial project management. If required, our experienced experts will also take on interim function for as long as clients need us.



Dr. Gunnar Binnewies

Dr. Gunnar Binnewies Managing Director
Management Consultants

Prof. Dr. Jochen Vogel

Prof. Dr. Jochen Vogel Managing Director
Management Consultants