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Industrial Internet of Things. With new business models we deliver sustainable impact on profitability for industrial companies.


Industry 4.0 is forcing the manufacturing industry to build entirely new value networks as a way to survive competition on a global scale.Organizations have to face up to reality and adapt their business models to the future if they wish to stay part of the ecosystem. The aim is to connect the full range of processes that are to work intelligently, flexibly, efficiently and sustainably.

goetzpartners works with leading players in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, transport & logistics and high-tech to manage and resolve their challenges. We help customers to transform business models and value chains. Companies can rely on our experience and expertise when they need to jettison traditional organizational models. With our unique combination of corporate finance and management consulting expertise, we can advise our clients along the entire value chain and develop individualized solutions that deliver immediate impact.


[...] We turned to goetzpartners as they have in-depth expertise in both M&A and business consulting and as they deliver tangible results quickly. The integrated project team of M&A advisers and consultants solved the issue we were facing efficiently.

Andreas Jeschernsky
Head of Corporate Development / M&A


We have successfully advised our clients in numerous industrial and automotive transactions. With over 200 international sell-side and buy-side transactions totaling in excess of 15 billion euros in the last ten years alone, goetzpartners is one of the most successful mid-market M&A firms. This success is founded on our sector expertise and excellent process management, valued by financial investors and corporate clients alike.



 Maximilian Bergold

Maximilian Bergold Director
Corporate Finance

 Michael Krauss

Michael Krauss Principal
Management Consultants

 Axel Meythaler

Axel Meythaler Managing Director
Management Consultants

 Christian Muthler

Christian Muthler Managing Director
Corporate Finance

 Felix von Obernitz

Felix von Obernitz Partner
Management Consultants

 Markus Rosen

Markus Rosen Director
Corporate Finance

Dr. Wolfram Römhild

Dr. Wolfram Römhild Managing Director
Management Consultants

Dr. Gerrit Schütte

Dr. Gerrit Schütte Managing Director
Management Consultants

 Matthias Stötter

Matthias Stötter Director
Corporate Finance

Prof. Dr. Jochen Vogel

Prof. Dr. Jochen Vogel Managing Director
Management Consultants

 Gerwin Weidl

Gerwin Weidl Managing Director
Corporate Finance