When a crisis is imminent or has already occurred, the initial focus is on the rapid optimization of the cost and earnings situation. Our operational advisory services therefore include the implementation of suitable concepts to reduce costs, analyze purchasing and processes, and increase sales. In doing so, we strive for solutions that are supported by all parties involved and thus have the greatest chance of success.

All relevant causes of the crisis can only be uncovered by taking a 360-degree view of a company's complex crisis situation, which also includes the existing expertise with respect to digitalization maturity and processes. The focal points of our operational consulting are:

The skills of the remaining workforce are becoming increasingly important when it comes to restructuring situations. The key to sustainable success therefore lies in the balance between reducing redundant capacities, while simultaneously building up skills that are lacking – the latter of which often applies to the digital area.

In order to adjust the personnel base and close existing competence gaps, our holistic restructuring concept therefore provides for a detailed analysis of activities and skills after the development of the strategy and target operating model. Depending on the requirements, the staff restructuring programs are supported by our Project Management Office and the goetzpartners Headcount Master®.


Our cost optimization approach is based on various levers that build on each other and, when combined, generate the maximum effect for our clients:

  • Working capital (identification, operational implementation and effective optimization of working capital potential)
  • Real estate (definition of an overarching footprint strategy with optimization of the sites)
  • Workforce (holistic workforce transformation including internal/ external workforce and service providers)
  • Indirect costs (optimization of personnel-related and non-personnel-related costs)

By using our goetzpartners Book Logic®, we can directly correlate each measure with the financial performance for our clients.

Headcount Master®: Read now!

At goetzpartners, workforce transformation measures are supported by proven tools that consolidate and visualize the financial and personnel-related information in a structured manner. With the goetzpartners Headcount Master®, which has already been successfully applied in more than 50 cases, we offer a powerful tool set for every transformation program.

Heart Tool


Transformation: accomplished.

We use the goetzpartners Book Logic® to unlock the full potential of transformation programs for our clients. This performance management approach enables a direct link between the income statement and the measures taken, thus continuously increasing value creation from planning to execution. What’s more, the use of Book Logic® prevents the multiple counting of effects.

The steps to improve performance are being advanced throughout the company along so-called Color Books®. What are the key factors for a successful transformation and what potential savings do the individual Color Books® offer?





With goetzpartners, I can always rely on them leading a project to success. They have proven this in large transformation projects – like implementing a completely new staff set-up.

André J. Schiffer
SVP HR Europe and Member of the Board of Europe
Kuehne + Nagel (AG&Co.)KG


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Dr. Gunnar Binnewies Managing Director
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