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The healthcare market is more than ever driven by health economics and patient empowerment: we know the industry, its specific challenges and we prepare our clients with the right strategy.


The convergence of breakthrough scientific innovation, digital innovation and new business models are reshaping the life sciences space. Consumers’ behavior is evolving, non-traditional healthcare players are disrupting the market. Sustainable healthcare companies should put a greater focus on evidence-based therapies. The reimbursement of technologies becomes increasingly more stringent and the demands on “Innovators” become stricter. Confronted with time-consuming development and licensing processes, ever-changing legal requirements as well as immense cost pressure, healthcare companies nowadays face greater hurdles than in the past.

Multinational healthcare companies rely more and more on acquisitions, licensing and alliances. Digital transformation plays a bigger role in the sector – especially for healthcare providers.

goetzpartners supports healthcare companies in fulfilling the altered conditions and increased regulations. With a unique combination of in-depth corporate finance and management consulting expertise, we are able to work out individual and directly efficient solutions together with our clients.

shaping the new era of healthcare

In a world driven by ever-accelerating advancements, we recognize the pivotal role of providing strategic advice to seamlessly guide our clients in the dynamic landscapes of healthcare, pharma, MedTech, and life sciences. Our core expertise in Management Consulting lies in shaping the new era of the healthcare sector, where we craft innovative solutions to drive growth, build ecosystems, and institute organizational changes for sustained success.

  • (Digital) Business Development: Unlock the full potential of your healthcare venture with tailored growth strategies aligned with industry trends and patient needs.
  • Ecosystem Building: Foster collaborative ecosystems that create end-to-end patient journeys, connecting stakeholders for comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare solutions.
  • Organizational Change: Embrace the digital future with our expert-guided organizational change processes, ensuring sustainable transformations that drive long-term success.

At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to placing all patient journey stakeholders at the forefront of every strategy. In doing so, we not only examine the Awareness, Diagnosis & Prescription, Treatment, and Monitoring & Adherence phases in detail. At goetzpartners, we design every step to enhance patient experiences, drive growth, and shape the future of healthcare.

Healthcare Compass Symposium

goetzpartners organizes the Healthcare Compass Symposium regularly. Each event in the series explores a particular issue in the healthcare sector, bringing together leading experts, innovators, healthcare decision makers, and advisers from both the government and private sectors. At our last event on September 14, 2023, the future and opportunities of digital health ecosystems were discussed, following the two guiding questions:

  • Tackling the chronic disease epidemic – can digital health strategies alleviate the burden and provide better care for patients?
  • Precision medicine is starved of data – are patient autonomy and market mechanisms a way to unlock data silos?

Stay tuned for our next COMPASS Event!


EUSA Pharma

Hope for children with brain tumors – Mediation during the sale of the rights of drug developer Apeiron to the EUSA Pharma marketing company 


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We have accompanied numerous healthcare-relevant transactions. With over 200 international sell-side and buy-side transactions totaling in excess of 15 billion euros in the last ten years alone, goetzpartners is one of the most successful mid-market M&A firms. This success is founded on our sector expertise and excellent process management, valued by financial investors and corporate clients alike.



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