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Sales is one of the key levers for companies to generate and grow their revenues. In order to tap its full potential, it is crucial to empower sales staff with structured goals and tools. Developing a strategic and systematic approach to sales is thus a c-level topic for any company. Still, even industry leaders struggle to put in place optimal sales structures: Have we segmented and assessed the market correctly? Are we using the right strategies and delivery channels? Are we seizing all our potential recurring-revenue opportunities for after-sales business?

Together with our clients, we develop and implement suitable concepts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales organizations and ensure sustainable growth. For this purpose, we draw on our modular sales management framework, which can be adapted to meet the particular needs of each company.

We support our clients through each step in the process to becoming best-in-class companies in all sales matters. Our portfolio includes:

  • Market segmentation and go-to-market strategy
  • Omni-channel management
  • Innovation and product management
  • Sales acceleration
  • Recurring-revenue management
  • Sales push potential assessment and planning




Pricing is a powerful profitability driver – even minor changes in product and service pricing can have significant impact on revenues and margins. Yet, due to the inherent complexity, decision-makers often struggle to formulate an effective pricing strategy for their business. How should we react to competitor’s price adjustments? Are we using the right business model? How can we identify and exploit our customers’ willingness to pay? How can we deploy discounts to achieve our long-term sales targets?

We use our value-pricing framework to answer these and other questions for our clients. Based on a thorough assessment of their pricing environment, we develop a value-driven monetization and price positioning strategy that is aligned both with the macroeconomic framework and the company’s goals.

Our approach to pricing focuses on achieving a rapid and sustainable increase in profitability. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to draw on proven methodologies and tools to uncover sources of margin leakage and unlock pricing opportunities in our clients’ organizations. Our range of services includes:

  • Pricing excellence
  • Top-line transformations
  • Monetization for products and services
  • Pricing of innovations
  • Price and revenue models
  • Discount optimization
  • Value selling and negotiation excellence




In an era of accelerating innovation cycles and increasing product complexity, it is essential to enhance customer experience. The competitive advantages that can generate lead to a measurable increase in customer loyalty – and to revenue growth.

Digitalization and big-data analytics offer new opportunities to provide highly personalized services that can help transform satisfied customers into loyal customers – who have a significantly higher value. Only by analyzing the full set of touch points along the customer lifecycle can we understand the individual behavior of every customer and develop the right strategy for each customer segment.

To this end, goetzpartners analyses customer service units and processes along the three dimensions of sales excellence, digitalization capabilities, and cost efficiency to transform classical customer care organizations. A tailored eCare strategy complements this approach. In order to achieve greater customer loyalty, we also provide support in implementing effective churn-prevention measures.

Drawing upon many years of client work and research, we have developed a customer management approach that encompasses a variety of interrelated measures:

  • Customer experience management
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Digital customer care (eCare)
  • Contact center management & optimization
  • Customer retention & churn prevention




Rising customer demand, individualization of products and the simultaneously growing pressure to maximize efficiency all present large challenges to the company’s operational backbone. An efficient and comprehensive management of supply chains, production/service delivery as well as quality management is therefore one of the central requisites for satisfying growing customer needs while maximizing efficiency.

goetzpartners is pursuing a KPI-based performance improvement approach to achieve value creation along the entire value chain. To this end, we are analyzing the strategy as well as the underlying processes and are, based on this, developing specific measures for optimizing the individual areas, from purchasing via the supply chain to the distribution of products and services. Systematic quality management and the optimization of the organizational structures will round out this approach.

For this, various methods for process improvement, such as Lean/Six Sigma, will be implemented in addition to established goetzpartners tools (e.g. Color Books). Our product portfolio encompasses a multitude of interrelated measures in the following areas:

  • Procurement Optimization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management
  • Operations Management/Operational Excellence 



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