Digital Business

The question for organizations isn’t whether to engage with digital change – it’s how.


The pure digital players are increasingly dominating the lucrative business of data in more traditional industries. In this way, they are targeting the strategic control points of the future. This is where our consulting approach to digital transformation comes in. With goetzpartners, you retain control over the design of your digital business model. Our services:

Digital Business Model Creation: Workshop-based approach to apply innovative ways of thinking and improve the effectiveness of business designs and change journeys in larger enterprise transformations in less than four weeks

Digital Readiness Assessment: Structured analysis of operational digitalization capability to increase success rate of business model implementations substantially

Digital Transformation: End-to-end digital transformation approach to speed up innovation and customer responsiveness by 20-50%

Digital Change Program: Preparation, implementation, and post-processing of workshops and communication to reach project goals in half of the planned time (6 instead of 12 months)



Intelligent automation

CEOs can no longer treat intelligent automation as a side project. It not only lays the foundation of tomorrow’s competitive advantage but also has a tremendous impact already today.

Automation holds great potential that companies can attain right now. In most established European companies, there are shattered proofs of concepts and even actual applications in several business functions such as IT or finance. But only few pursue overarching concerted programs to drive intelligent automation and to make full use of technologies such as RPA or AI. Moreover, while almost 9 out of 10 Chinese companies are active AI players, the proportion in Germany is only 49%.

The goetzpartners expert study "Deus ex Machina" provides concrete perspectives: How can intelligent use of machines create a sustainable competitive advantage? And how important is it to be on track regarding the international competition?


GE China

Growth market electromobility: Identifying IoT business models and suitable partners accelerates market entry


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