Financial Institutions

What matters is the radical promise of value at all times and for every situation. We are the right partners for organizations making the transition from a traditional to a service-dominated business model.


The financial service industry is facing disruptive change on multiple fronts. Services, rather than products, are now the focus. And these services are now being marketed by industry newcomers. In addition, interest rates remain persistently low. Perceptions of what constitutes value are changing. There are quantum-leap advances in technology – creating a vast landscape of opportunities and risks for the financial service industry.

Certain business areas of traditional banks are likely to become superfluous, as FinTechs shoot up and establish new technologies in the market, digitizing the world of cash flows.

Insurers also face change. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are making inroads into their business – and are well on the way to becoming serious digital competitors to established distribution channels. Insurers are under threat of being downgraded from all-round providers to mere suppliers.

This rapidly growing competition poses new challenges for traditional banks and insurers. Traditional revenue sources are disappearing and regulatory changes also put pressure on profitability. To remain competitive, organizations now have to chart a fresh strategic direction.

Established structures are slowing innovation and digital transformation. To measure up to modern expectations on customer orientation, innovation, agility and efficiency, companies will need to rethink how they organize themselves, and revitalize their technological solutions.

goetzpartners advisory services are designed specifically around these complex challenges. We assist the top management of banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers on the core issues of strategy, M&A and transformation. The added value lies in the unique combination of corporate finance and management consulting expertise and in our proven ability to manage and oversee digital transformation programs through to completion.


The formulation of a strategy, identification of a suitable takeover candidate and definition of the business plan: Acquisition of the German BHF Bank by the Belgian private equity fund, RHJ International


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We have successfully advised our clients in numerous Financial Institutions transactions. With over 200 international sell-side and buy-side transactions totaling in excess of 15 billion euros in the last ten years alone, goetzpartners is one of the most successful mid-market M&A firms. This success is founded on our sector expertise and excellent process management, valued by financial investors and corporate clients alike.



Dr. Jan-Hendrik Röver

Dr. Jan-Hendrik Röver Managing Director
Corporate Finance