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Permanent disruptions are the new normal. Are your organization and workforce ready?


Transformation touches every area of a company and involves a wide array of different stakeholders, which poses challenges. To master them, we employ a precisely structured target operating model (TOM) that features:

  • An effective, lean organizational design
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and required skills
  • Efficient business processes
  • Strong governance

goetzpartners has planned and implemented dozens of successful reorganization projects for a broad range of companies — from SMEs to multinational corporations. We enable our clients to create organizational structures that are clearly aligned with their business strategies, with HR involved right from the start. And we help them implement accompanying change management programs that get employees on board with the new ideas.


New is

Organizations in transformation are facing a special challenge. They must bid farewell to “business as usual”, inspire their workforce to embrace the unknown, and bring together the management agenda and employees.

Our business transformation approach addresses all these requirements. Change measures are defined and implemented through a Program Management Office, and an accompanying Change Management Office ensures that employees are actively involved and brought on side.

Employee involvement begins with the initial information and continues with the development and implementation of change measures. At the end of the process, employees have internalized continuous change as a “future way of working” and actively shape the direction.

The measures lead to success because people at all levels – managers and employees – are active drivers of change.



Getting competitive products or services to new markets at shorter intervals and with scarce resources requires a highly motivated and productive workforce with the right abilities and skill sets.

Organizations with more highly qualified people have a better chance of succeeding — especially in market environments marked by constant change. We help companies create transparency in the competencies of their current workforces and identify the skills needed for their future success. To do this, we provide specific approaches for workforce and competency transformation to ensure the right number of people with the right skills are in place to meet the needs of tomorrow.

In addition, we help HR departments manage their increasingly complex responsibilities regarding the new face of work and provide support for transforming HR departments.

HR Restructuring

Our experts also have an excellent understanding of the options available to realize HR-related cost savings — including options to prevent layoffs. goetzpartners applies good judgment and firmness when supporting your company through all phases of workforce restructuring or downsizing efforts. In some cases, we also act as negotiator on behalf of the employer.

If layoffs are unavoidable, we will help you convincingly communicate the tough decision to enact this measure in a dialog with the relevant stakeholders. In negotiations with the works councils and/or trade unions, we are recognized by both parties and pursue the goal of handling layoffs in a socially responsible, discreet manner.


goetzpartners Activity Analysis

The proven Activity Analysis approach and tool ensure an easy and successful execution of the analysis to gain insightful and robust implications for optimizing organizational resource allocations.


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Study The Agile Performer Index 2

In 2017, goetzpartners created a diagnostic tool, the Agile Performer Index, to help organizations define a clear starting point for their agile transformations. The tool is complemented by a sophisticated, science-based set of measures through which organizations of all sizes can achieve continuous, efficient and sustained improvements in their agility.

The 2nd Agile Performer Index is one of the first studies that examines the agility development in organizations over time. It reconfirms the relationship between agility and entrepreneurial success, and at the same time, shows that Agility efforts must be considered against the background of industry uncertainty, company size, and management perception. The study highlights difficulties and pitfalls companies face when pursuing agility and offers guiding insights into ways to cope with them alongside the proven fitness programs.


goetzpartners org2date® Tool

org2date® accelerates organizational change decisions and improves the success rate of the new organization significantly


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