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A transformation project has to engage every area of the company, and bring all the stakeholders on side. The setup, leadership structure, interfaces, roles, responsibilities and capabilities all have to be firmly in place.

Only the organizations that are agile from within will be quick enough to identify, process and make use of new opportunities. But each organization has a different pattern of behavior. Each needs an individual plan to effectively increase its agility.

goetzpartners has planned and implemented dozens of successful reorganization projects – for multinational corporates as well as SMEs.

Our interdisciplinary method is geared toward people joining forces and leveraging synergies – with an organizational structure that is clearly aligned to the strategy, with HR involved right from the start, and with an accompanying change management program to get employees on side for the new ideas.


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Organizations in transformation are facing a special challenge. They must bid farewell to “business as usual”, inspire their workforce to embrace the unknown, and bring together the management agenda and employees.

Our business transformation approach addresses all these requirements. Change measures are defined and implemented through a Program Management Office, and an accompanying Change Management Office ensures that employees are actively involved and brought on side.

Employee involvement begins with the initial information and continues with the development and implementation of change measures. At the end of the process, employees have internalized continuous change as a “future way of working” and actively shape the direction.

The measures lead to success because people at all levels – managers and employees – are active drivers of change.


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Getting competitive products or services to new markets at shorter and shorter intervals and with increasingly scarce resources requires a highly motivated and productive workforce. Organizations with better people have better chances of success.

HR departments around the world therefore face three major challenges: establishing a corporate and leadership culture that will attract and keep top talent; increasing the Employer Engagement Index by creating a strong corporate identity; and doing intelligent HR analysis with systematic workforce optimization.

goetzpartners helps HR departments to manage their increasingly complex tasks. Our core services are:

  • Strategic workforce management
  • Leadership and leadership 2.0
  • Cultural change


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In a disruptive market environment, the agility of an organization is the key performance driver.


The Agile Performer Index shows: The more agile the company, the better it performs financially


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Agility gives companies significant competitive advantage. It is key to succeeding in a dynamic and digital market environment.

We have developed a method by which organizations can determine whether agility is already part of their entrepreneurial practice and, if not, which areas are the most appropriate points to launch efforts to become more agile – sustainably, efficiently and continuously. By doing a “fitness test”, organizations can find out how agile they are compared to competitors and where there is potential for optimization.

By analyzing more than 60 transformation programs of well-known companies, we have identified in excess of 80 individual measures to drive transformation towards an agile organization. The focus of the program is adjusted depending on the organization’s starting point and terms of reference.

We group measures into four programs that steer organizations through the process of improving their agility and also their performance. Company-specific heatmaps help to identify the best place to start the agile transformation journey and choose the most appropriate fitness program.

How agile are you compared to your competitors?

goetzpartners org2date® Tool

org2date® accelerates organizational change decisions and improves the success rate of the new organization significantly


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