Innovation strategy that breaks fresh ground

German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom AG has an extensive and versatile range of products, and also innovates in a wide range of fields. Telephony is just one part of Deutsche Telekom. Its portfolio also includes e-marketplaces for specific industries, advertising payment services, media, online shops, data and cloud services. With such a broad portfolio to manage, the corporation needed greater transparency to identify the most promising growth opportunities, notably to identify what prospects each of the markets could offer. Deutsche Telekom therefore commissioned goetzpartners. Following an analysis of the various business cases, goetzpartners evaluated each case in terms of strategic direction, financial aspects and risk, and proposed suitable courses of action. The consultants also developed a controlling concept for the entire portfolio, including a new governance structure and ranking system to optimise investment decisions. Thanks to the expert advice provided by goetzpartners, Deutsche Telekom now has transparent innovation portfolios, with a set of performance & opportunity metrics by which it can judge how to allocate investment. And with the controlling concept introduced by goetzpartners, the corporation has great scope and flexibility to try out fresh ideas.


  • TMT (Telecommunications, Media and Technology)


  • Analyse business cases
  • Identify growth potential and market outlooks


  • Developed a portfolio control system
  • Analysed and evaluated business cases and highlighted opportunities to optimise
  • Ranked various business models in terms of their potential


  • Transparent innovation portfolio
  • Performance & opportunity metrics as a basis for allocating investments
  • Standardized portfolio control process