WHAT is org2date®
and how does it help?

A dynamic and disruptive environment forces companies to continuously refine and enhance their organizations. Thus, change readiness of an organization - with respect to structures,  processes, governance and culture - becomes more and more a key success factor and competitive advantage. And more than that, the requirements are more and more complex and challenging: Organizations need to master the balancing act between being flexible (“built to change”), effective (“supporting fast decisions”) and efficient (“cost competitive”).
To support this challenge, goetzpartners has developed a tool and methodology visualizing structures and using all available data. org2date® supports to execute required changes efficiently – live simulation of changes with a direct link to structural KPIs (how flexible end effective is my organization?) and financial KPIs (how efficient is my organization?). org2date® accelerates organizational change decisions and improves the success rate of the new organization significantly.


org2date becomes relevant whenever an organization faces structural changes. Not only does it help to shape an existing organization but also can it be applied when designing a whole new entity.

  • Classical reorganization projects with focus on establishing a new Target Operating Model, simple (functional) Organizational Design or setup of Shared Service Center
  • Delayering and leaning with focus on the increase of efficiency and acceleration of decision-making
  • Restructuring/Post Merger Integration targeted on the identification of synergy potential
  • Benchmarking organizations for evaluating the own organization’s competitiveness, as well as identifying competitive advantages
  • Greenfield approach for the foundation of a new legal entity, the establishment of new business (units) or a market entry


org2date combines the visualization of an organizational design with the direct link to relevant KPIs. Hence, it quickly indicates the organizational health and helps to identify structural weaknesses and optimization potential.

Quick Diagnostics to identify efficiency potential within the organization by

  • Visualizing the organizational setup
  • Providing structural analytics and linking it to the organizational framework (headcount size, cost, spans, layers and team sizes)
  • Identifying opportunities for cost savings or growth potential based on structural KPIs and available benchmarks

Easy (Re-)Design of new organizational setup by

  • Enabling the design of multiple options for future organizational setup with an easy drag-and-drop handling system
  • Benefitting from live simulation of structural KPIs for direct comparison of scenarios


The goetzpartners approach makes a difference by combining the tool-based analysis with an interactive org design workshop. Deriving improvement areas and elaborating target scenarios build the base for designing a high-performance organization.

  • Fast and flexible design of organizational changes
  • Less time and money spent on administrative tasks (e.g. drawing of organizational charts)
  • Interactive, workshop based experience with strong employee involvement and engagement (reduces not-invented-here syndrome)


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