Strategy for future mobility

goetzpartners launches growth strategy for Rheinbahn

Rheinbahn AG is a public transit operator in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area. Due to increasing numbers of commuters and new mobility needs, the company faces the task of rethinking its future development.

From fields of action to specific measures

Strategy specialists from goetzpartners worked with experts at Rheinbahn to develop a plan for its future growth. They identified twelve fields of action and showed which measures Rheinbahn can take to become a modern mobility provider with more passengers. In doing so, the strategy team examined the business cases in great detail and analyzed best practices for a bus rapid transit concept.

Three steps to rapid growth

The result was a three-stage strategy with which Rheinbahn aims to grow three times as fast as the city of Düsseldorf during the coming five years. The strategy begins with systematic improvements in the core business; these include, among other things, a new service concept and the expansion of the Rheinbahn app. Stage two involves expanding Rheinbahn’s range of services, especially on high-traffic bus lines. In the third stage, the company will develop new business models by setting up and expanding a multimodal mobility package.

The strategy was presented to the public in the fall of 2016. Crucial elements of the project’s success were the degree of detail in its planning and the close cooperation by goetzpartners with internal and political stakeholders.



  • Public transit


  • Growth in population and commuter numbers in the region
  • New customer mobility needs
  • Transitioning policy requirements due to stronger focus on public transit


  • Comprehensive analysis of internal and external influences
  • Very detailed formulation of fields of action and measures to be taken
  • Close cooperation with internal experts and political stakeholders


  • Three-stage plan for future growth
  • Viable strategy for achieving an ambitious goal: 26 million more passengers in the next five years
  • Package of measures based on best practices