How agile are you compared to competitors?

Agility is confirmed as a significant competitive advantage and a key to success in a dynamic, digitally transformed market environment.

An organizational “fitness test” determines agility compared to competitors, and individual heatmaps help to identify optimum points for initiating change. With the help of science-based analytics, an organization can learn whether agility is already codified into its business practices and, if not, which areas it can address to become more agile – sustainably, efficiently and continuously.

Agility is most effective when it embraces the entire organism of the enterprise.

The agile transformation journey

1. The Basis

The first reference point for organizations that wish to improve their agility and therefore their performance is a sober assessment of current practices.

goetzpartners has linked the four agility routines with the five design dimensions of the company organism.

2. identification of key pressure points

With the help of a heatmap which is based on this matrix, companies are able to identify key pressure points and can individually determine where the agile transformation journey should begin.


3. Identification of a suitable fitness program

The focus of the program is adjusted depending on the organization’s starting point and terms of reference.

goetzpartners summarizes the measures into four programs that engage with challenging questions and steer organizations through the process of improving their agility and also their performance.

4. Implementation of all measures within the company

The Agile Performer Index is a science-based diagnostic tool for organizations. In addition, with its workable recommendations for action and examples of best practice from small and large agile pioneers in every industry, goetzpartners can help organizations to become more agile – continuously, efficiently and sustainably.

Download The Agile Peformer Index  study.