The Digital Challenge

Digitalization puts telcos under pressure

With the rise of digitalization OTTs like WhatsApp and Netflix are increasingly becoming a threat to telecommunications companies whose revenues from voice and data transmission shrink.

Do the well-established players on the telco market still stand a chance when facing a changing environment?

With regard to this question, goetzpartners has interviewed C-level decision-makers from renowned companies worldwide in an international study. The results show how companies react to the current developments in the market and what they expect from the future until 2020 and beyond.


  • 94% of the companies surveyed have already begun developing initial digital business models or are implementing them. As it currently stands, however, not a single company has fully digitalized its business.
  • 56% of the surveyed telcos see potential for the future.
  • The telco’s focus will shift from consumer business to sales from B2B-business models.
  • Telcos have largely identified the potential of Big Data services, but are not yet utilizing it sufficiently for themselves. Only 44% of the study participants stated that their company already monetizes data internally or externally.

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