More channels for even higher sales turnover

goetzpartners' Cross-Channel Management Study highlights the factors that bring success

Supply Chain Management

See something on the web, compare it with other products on your smartphone, order it from your tablet at home, and then collect it fully configured from the store – that's today's shopping experience. A current study by goetzpartners consultancy shows that such a simple, seamless buying experience, across all channels, is still not possible with many providers. Consider, for example, that only 50 per cent of the companies included in the study offer their clients a "ship to store" service. This service enables the customer to order online, but to collect the product directly from the store of their choice.

The study found that genuine cross-channel possibilities are only offered to a minority of customers at present. There is room for improvement on the supplier side. Only with the development of a comprehensive CCM strategy can the altered customer requirements really be fulfilled. And it is not only the customer who benefits. Our survey of experts shows: cross-channel management increases turnover and raises the cost-efficiency of companies. 75 per cent of those questioned in the study are also convinced  that good cross channel management can achieve higher customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

In their study, the goetzpartners experts cite the success factors for successful cross-channel management. The factors listed include seamless transfer between the channels and the implementation of new  commission systems:

Smooth channel switching

In their purchasing process, customers must be able to switch back and forth between channels without annoying loss of information. A genuine cross-channel experience therefore requires customers having to enter data for the purchase process only once. A further must for a seamless purchasing experience: prices and product portfolio must be the same on all channels.

New incentive and commission systems

In an integrated channel system, conflicts and competition between the individual channels should be avoided and instead, channel-independent working should be encouraged. Consequently, it makes sense to distribute the commission across the participating channels.

Additional success factors, as well as suggestions for their implementation in business practice can be found in the goetzpartners  cross-channel management study. You can download the complete study (in German language) HERE.