goetzpartners publishes study on the topic of "multi-screen"

TVs have long ceased to be the only way into the alluring new world of television. Smart devices like laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and also gaming consoles have revolutionized the possibilities of television in recent years. A current study by  goetzpartners consultants sheds light on this rapid development in its full scope. A key aspect here is the fact that the TV in German living rooms is turning more and more into a multi-screen experience.

Increasingly often consumers access TV and video content with every Internet-capable device available, and switches seamlessly between the screens. But this is not the only change in consumer behavior: the trend towards Pay TV in Germany and mobile video use are increasing significantly.

This represents a major challenge for everyone in this market: How should content providers, platform providers, end device suppliers and infrastructure providers respond in order to avoid missing out on current trends?

goetzpartners'  multi-screen study addresses this question and points out ways of reacting optimally to the changed conditions. You can download the complete study (in German language) HERE.