Digital transformation as constant change

goetzpartners at the Digital Transformation Summit

“Don’t adapt – disrupt!“ Under this headline, the advisory firm goetzpartners will attend the Digital Transformation Summit on the 1st of October 2015 in Berlin. Sebastian Olbert, Partner for Strategy M&A and Transformation at the experts, will outline seven steps for disruptive transformation in a conversation with WirtschaftsWoche correspondent Christian Schlesiger.

In almost every sector, digital transformation is bringing companies to the fore, who are turning conventional processes, behaviour and entire market mechanisms on their head. For many traditional companies, handling this development is a real challenge, as they have to give something up: their current, profitable business model, with tried and tested structures. “Technical adaptation alone is not enough to survive in the face of new competitors with digital business models”, according to Sebastian Olbert. “It is much more critical that companies are able to create new things themselves - and then change as an organisation.”

Embedding constant disruption

The past winners in the digitalisation area don’t stand still, rather they increasingly question their own business model, product range and structural organisation, and keep developing it. They don’t regard digital transformation as a one-off event, but they see themselves in the middle of long-term disruption. Sebastian Olbert from goetzpartners will explain how companies can embed this kind of self-awareness in their own organisation in his talk at the Digital Transformation Summit.

The Digital Transformation Summit will take place on the 1st of October 2015 in Berlin. As part of the event, the subject of how Germany can continue its digital success story will be discussed. In addition, the Digital Transformation Award will be presented by WirtschaftsWoche and neuland.