From Supplier to Stakeholder

Monetizing high investments for 5G

5G, the successor of the current LTE telecommunications standard, is almost upon us. Like previous generational changes to telecoms networks, it will bring more mobile data, travelling faster. But more importantly, an abundance of new and improved services. The breadth of these services is almost unlimited and will impact every sector.

Possible application range from live VR news broadcasts in the media sector, to remote surgery in medicine, to educators being able to create virtual classrooms in remote areas. Ultra-reliable communication based on low latency will also propel the automotive industry, enabling self-driving cars and public transport vehicles. This abstract “From Supplier to Stakeholder: Monetizing high investments for 5G” points out the opportunities for the telecoms industry of how to reap the growth potential of this new standard by positioning themselves as among the providers and enablers of these advanced new services.

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