Big Data

Data is the new content: How publishers can use Big Data to increase revenues

German publishers don’t use Big Data to its full potential – and thereby might miss the urgently needed transformation into a digital organization. Publishers generally own valuable sets of data, but mostly they are not adequately monetized. Out of 25 currently possible Big Data use cases along the publishing value chain, less than one fourth are applied by the publishers interviewed for this study.

The study concluded that publishers, consequently applying Big Data technologies for processes optimization and digital portfolio enhancements, have a higher digital revenue share (>40%) and, as a rule, achieve above average profits. Especially international B2B publishers, such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier and Wolters Kluwer are Big Data pioneers in the publishing industry with EBITDA margins between 20-30%.

This report describes opportunities how publishers can make use of Big Data technologies to achieve cost savings and exploit new revenues opportunities along the value chain.

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