Awarded for excellent employer quality

goetzpartners is LEADING EMPLOYER 2024

14. mars 2024

goetzpartners has been recognized as LEADING EMPLOYER 2024 for its outstanding qualities as an employer and is thus once again among the TOP 1% of all employers in Germany. 

The advisory firm specializing in strategy, M&A, and transformation scored particularly well in the categories of employee satisfaction, recruiting performance, recommendation by employees, and social media.

The award highlights employers who successfully create a company for their people, value them, and provide a high-quality work environment along with outstanding working conditions.

For goetzpartners, the award serves as both confirmation and motivation. Confirmation that we have successfully established a strong corporate and value culture with a distinct team spirit. A culture that significantly contributes to high employee satisfaction, positively impacts company success, and attracts talented young professionals in the war for talent.

It also serves as motivation to continually evolve as an attractive employer. Numerous initiatives, including those in New Work, Women, Diversity, and Sustainability, demonstrate goetzpartners’ ongoing commitment to become the employer of choice.

“We are pleased to be recognized once again as a LEADING EMPLOYER this year. It’s a gratifying confirmation that we are on the right path with our numerous initiatives, consistently placing people and their development at the forefront,” explains Dr. Franziska Schirrmacher, Director People & Culture at goetzpartners.

goetzpartners comprehensively promotes the development of employees academically, professionally, and personally. This ranges from intensive training programs in the goetzpartners Academy to flexible master’s, MBA, or PhD programs and career opportunities in our ecosystem of startups, venture builders, NGOs, and industrial companies. Personal development and unique career paths remain our top priorities.

About Leading Employers

LEADING EMPLOYERS is an independently conducted survey that represents the world's most comprehensive study of employer qualities in the meta-analysis format. More than 250 sources and twelve million metadata flow into the evaluations. In total, over 200,000 companies were included in the study.

How to recogniza a good employer

The meta-analysis focuses on a holistic approach considering all the key aspects that make up an outstanding employer: good working conditions and occupational safety, employee satisfaction, value perception, environmental awareness, HR expertise, talent communication and corporate image. The award highlights those employers who succeed in creating a company for people, valuing them, and offering a high-quality working environment and outstanding working conditions.

About goetzpartners: Advisory for Strategy, M&A and Transformation

goetzpartners, founded in 1991, is an independent advisory firm for all key issues of entrepreneurial activity: strategy, M&A and transformation. As a trusted partner with a valuable track record and a far-reaching network, we are ideally positioned to prepare companies worldwide for the future.

Boasting a vast wealth of expertise in both cross-border mergers and acquisitions and management consulting, we are trusted by clients to provide excellent insights, transaction advisory services and value creation. We have received numerous awards for our excellent advisory services, including the Best of Consulting Award from the renowned German business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche”, which has been conferred on goetzpartners seven times to date.