ShortCut: Rising up the Scale

Why 3D printing is the future of mass production

Additive manufacturing (AM) – or 3D printing – has developed as a radical alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. But despite being a popular method used at the prototyping and testing stages across many industries, AM is still rarely used for large-scale production. The technology’s maturity remains low in most of the industries in China, and therefore it is presently slower and more costly than traditional mass production methods. 

However, as the technology continues to develop over the coming years, these challenges will become less impactful. AM in China will shift from prototyping to small-volume production, then to large-volume production in the long-term. As the industry approaches this turning point, it is crucial for new market entrants to understand the emerging areas for AM application, as well as the ongoing educational challenges. In this whitepaper, goetzpartners elaborates on which key points AM MNCs must address in order to thrive in this very competitive market environment. 

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