Dr. Nima Ahmadi

Dr. Nima Ahmadi


Management Consultants



Dr. Nima Ahmadi is a Partner in the Düsseldorf office of goetzpartners. As Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunication he leads the Telecommunications and Media Industry Lines.

He works with senior executives as well as investors to address a broad set of strategic and operational questions in the fields of telecommunications, media, IT, and technology. In the past years, Dr Ahmadi successfully led numerous client projects around the globe.

Before joining goetzpartners, Dr Ahmadi was a researcher at the Chair of Strategic and Telecommunications Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen where he received his PhD in the area of telecommunication economics. He also graduated in media economics from the Technical University of Ilmenau. In the past, Dr Ahmadi also worked for the Center for Telecommunications & Media Economics, T-Systems, and as a freelance consultant and enterprise software developer.