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New compendium on agility: How agility management secures competitiveness

19. novembre 2018

New compendium on agility

How agility management secures competitiveness

A business environment that is dominated by disruptive evolutions and technical innovations urges companies to drastically change their structures and value creation in an accelerating pace. In the long term, enterprises can only succeed and survive if they can adapt quickly and flexibly to ever faster changing conditions. But how can organizations reach the necessary level of agility? Which agile capabilities will yield the decisive competitive edge when operating in a volatile environment?

The newly published compendium “Überlebenselixier Agilität - Wie Agilitäts-Management die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Unternehmen sichert“ elaborates on agility as THE management paradigm of the 21. century and highlights its various theoretical and practical facets beyond the classical knjow-how about agile methods. Roadmaps to an effective business transformation are illustrated based on several use case examples. Together with an European-American team of authors, publishers Sebastian Olbert and Hans Gerd Prodoehl link the innovation potential of Silicon Valley with the competence in transformation of the German-speaking region for the first time.

Click here for a first book excpert containing the “10 theses on agility management in organizations” (published in German).