Deal Announcement

goetzpartners advised the fully authorised representative (“Generalbevollmächtigter”) of SCHNELL Motoren AG on the sale of their assets to TEDOM A.S

04. novembre 2016


TEDOM a.s. the Czech Republic-based company engaged in design, development and sale of equipment for combined heat and power (CHP) production, has signed a definite agreement to acquire the assets of SCHNELL Motoren AG, the Germany-based manufacturer of high efficiency CHP units.

The transaction marks the latest step in TEDOM's strategy, continuing to reinforce its European footprint and particularly to strengthen its position in the German market. Josef Jeleček, TEDOM CEO, explained that "SCHNELL is one of the strongest brands for biogas CHP units. It uses unique technology, so called dual engines, which are well known for their high efficiency. SCHNELL also has a comprehensive service network covering whole Germany." Andreas Elsäßer, fully authorised representative of SCHNELL Motoren AG said that “in particular TEDOM’s final transaction structure and vision for the company, initially developed by Wieselhuber & Partner, as well as the highly efficient and focused auction process led by goetzpartners, were key success factors for the transaction”.

SCHNELL Motoren AG filed for insolvency in late 2016 and thanks to the acquisition by TEDOM, will be positioned again for future national as well as international growth.


SCHNELL Motoren, headquartered in Amtzell, Germany, has a strong brand in the German biogas market with a sizeable installed base of 3,500+ CHP units, which is complemented by an extensive national service network of c. 200 service technicians.