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goetzpartners advised BioVersys on its successful CHF 19 million Series B financing round

01. septembre 2020

BioVersys AG, a privately owned, multi-asset Swiss pharmaceutical company focuses on developing small molecules for multidrug-resistant bacterial infections with applications in Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and targeted microbiome modulation. AMR is one of the greatest global healthcare threats and unmet medical need, already killing more than 750,000 people every year and potentially 10 million people annually by 2050 in the absence of novel life-saving treatments.

This CHF 19 million Series B financing is a significant achievement in the field of AMR and will enable BioVersys to further develop its unique AMR-fighting pipeline with two lead candidates poised to enter into clinical Phase 1 this year:

BV100 is a potential breakthrough hospital antibiotic to treat serious infections caused by carbapenem resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB) in indications of nosocomial respiratory infections and bloodstream infections, for which there are little to no effective and safe treatment options.

BVL-GSK098 is a novel compound potentiating and overcoming the resistance against Ethionamide for the treatment of tuberculosis. BVL-GSK098 targets bacterial transcriptional regulators, a ground-breaking approach that will be assessed globally for the first time in clinical trials.

BioVersys AG is a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company specialised in developing small molecules acting on novel bacterial targets, leveraging its award-winning TRIC technology to address the high unmet medical need for new treatments against life threatening drug-resistant bacterial infections.
The Company raised more than USD 60 million since inception, including CHF 16.5 million of non-dilutive funding in 2019 from CARB-X and the IMI2-JU/European Union.

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