Performance management via track4impact®

goetzpartners measurement tool

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WHAT IS track4impact®

Many companies with ambitious programs do not fail to reach their set financial and operational targets due to a lack of ideas for improvement but due to insufficient impact tracking and transparency. With track4impact® we offer a tool that helps our clients to stay on top and create sustainable value.

track4impact® is a centralized, efficient and easy-to-use platform for managing improvement and cost efficiency programs. It offers full accountability and a direct link to P&L for each single measure tracked according a Degree-of-Implementation logic. Inherent clear and rigorous workflows ensure close collaboration and data validity. This allows full transparency on status quo and thereby an efficient steering and decision making. track4impact® is adaptable to individual requirements and can cover smaller use cases up to large scale and global transformation programs.


How does it work?

Transparency on target achievement

track4impact® can capture all kinds of improvement ideas to create and fill a funnel in line with DI-logic and directly link them to P&L.

While an idea is the first step, execution is key to sustainable performance improvement. track4impact® helps you to define a baseline and a shared view on the status quo. Your initiatives are linked to the P/L, cash flow and balance sheet to give you a holistic overview of your program. track4impact® enables all stakeholder to sign-off their initiatives and uncover interdependencies to avoid double-counting.

Fact-based decision-making

track4impact® provides standardized reporting dashboards that visualize critical insights to facilitate timely decision-making incl. reporting according to DI logic.

In many cases project managers spend a lot of time on the adequate visualization of information – reducing their time to derive value-creating insights. track4impact® frees up capacity by providing a set of visualizations that allow real-time tracking of initiatives. The reports highlight current risks and potential roadblocks as well as the degree of implementation to assess the maturity of the program.  

Workflow management

track4impact® serves as a holistic impact management tool ensuring full bottom-up engagement along a rigorous workflow with approval and escalation paths.

Project managers usually have to ensure that approval and escalation paths work and everything happens in a timely manner. track4impact® offers predefined roles and responsibilities that can be adjusted to one’s need. Input data pass several approval gates e.g. on a geographical, organizational or functional level. Initiatives change over time, which makes the tracking burdensome. track4impact® ensures consistent workflow management across the full program lifecycle.

Modular Training concept

track4impact® comes with a modular training concept designed for each standardized role and can thereby easily be introduced to organization users.

Extensive training concepts discourage users and thus hinder the usage and implementation of a new tool. track4impact® tackles this problem with a modular training concept designed for different groups of users. Stakeholders learn how to use track4impact® while working with it on the job and goetzpartners experts continuously support throughout the learning process.

Easy Technical Implementation

track4impact® can be set-up in either a cloud environment or enterprise-ready as a local application. High user acceptance is reached via lean and intuitive user interfaces.

Depending on your organization’s preferences, track4impact®  can be used as an easy to access and scalable SaaS solution without any infrastructure on site and state-of-the-art data security protection or as an enterprise-ready local application.

track4impact® is a centralized, efficient and easy-to-use improvement & cost efficiency measurement platform.