6. - 8.11.2018, Copenhagen

Innovation Roundtable Summit

26. Oktober 2018

Companies with a strong and proactive innovation practice achieve both stronger growth and higher profit rates in the long term. The importance of innovation is therefore undisputed in most organizations. However, major changes demand even more radical solutions and thus increase the pressure on innovation cycles in companies. 
Hence organizations are faced with the question of whether and which kinds of innovations can still be developed by themselves or should better be developed in cooperation with external partners, competitors or start-ups. 

At the Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2018 (6-8 November) in Copenhagen, around 750 innovation leaders will discuss topics relating to disruptive innovations, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, design thinking, and start-up collaborations. 

Together with the summit attendees, Dr. Peter Russo, Partner and Head of Innovation, and Dr. Jan-Hendrik Röver, Managing Director, will discuss the significance of internal and external innovation management in economically challenging times at their innovation portfolio roundtable on November 7.

Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2018