Dr. Peter Russo

Dr. Peter Russo


Management Consultants


Peter Russo is a partner and Head of Innovation at goetzpartners. He specializes in advisory work that focuses on improving companies’ innovativeness, particularly against the backdrop of market and technological changes.

Over the years, he has gained a broad base of academic and industry-specific knowledge that covers all aspects of innovation management. His work has focused on consulting projects involving methods to develop products and business models like open innovation, corporate incubation and design thinking. He has also provided specific support to the development of new products, services and business models on an incremental, radical and disruptive level at established companies and in collaborative efforts with start-ups. During his career, he has concentrated largely on production and technology-driven businesses.

Before joining goetzpartners, Peter Russo was a start-up entrepreneur himself. Most recently, he was the head of the Institute for Transformation in Business and Society at the EBS University for Economics and Law in Wiesbaden. He studied business administration and law at universities in Mainz, Würzburg, Padua and San Diego. He earned his doctorate at the University of Nuremberg/Erlangen in connection with MIT in Boston. He also served for many years as a guest professor at Stanford University.