Client Cases

Explore the core is our mindset and describes how we approach all our projects.

It is our firm belief to always look beyond the surface, and dig deeper – down to the decisive core of entrepreneurial practice. It is vital to constantly challenge this core and to adapt it if necessary. In times of transformation the core needs to stay in motion if it is to retain momentum and develop its impact to the fullest.

We work in unity with our clients to “Explore the Core” and acquire the insights that are necessary  to transform it into new business models. The success of this approach speaks for itself. Our explorer mindset in combination with our unique entrepreneurial spirit is a key feature that sets goetzpartners apart from the competition. #XPLTCR together with us!

Client Case: Linde



In its Digital Base Camps, Linde has already developed a number of datasupported business ideas for increasing efficiency and turnover. Employees in production and sales have the core task of making these new solutions available to the entire company. In order to gain the level of digital maturity required for this task, Linde turned to goetzpartners.