Deal Announcement

goetzpartners raised financing for the acquisition of Sundwiger Messingwerk by funds advised by Deutsche Invest Mittelstand

10. November 2020

goetzpartners raised a financing package for the acquisition of Sundwiger Messingwerk - a carve-out from the Diehl-Group and a leading manufacturer of premium strip and wire - by funds advised by Deutsche Invest Mittelstand.

goetzpartners provided key support during the entire transaction and M&A process and secured the financing of the acquisition in a challenging market environment for a carve-out situation. We set-up a bespoke financing process with suitable financing partners from our extensive and unrivalled financier network. goetzpartners provided the financiers with tailor-made information presenting the key financing highlights to potential financiers. Furthermore, goetzpartners guaranteed a successful outcome by managing third party DD providers to deliver final reports on-time against the background of a tight M&A process.

Our excellent process and debt expertise secured a competitive debt fund solution that considered the large asset base of the company and integrated the financing package into an equity efficient capital solution.

Sundwiger Messingwerk ("SMW") is a leading manufacturer of premium strip and wire. Its products are used in a wide variety of end-markets, i.a. automotive industry, general industry, energy, telecommunications, transportation with applications as connectors, deep-drawing, stamped parts, and lead frames. SMW is active in the market niche of phospohr bronze, high-performance alloys, and brass.

Deutsche Invest Mittelstand, a member of the Deutsche Invest Capital Partners group, focuses on cross-border corporate carve-out situations within the SME sector. Deutsche Invest Mittelstand follows a sustainable, long-term investment approach which combines transaction, finance, and operations know-how.



Philipp Widmaier
Managing Director

Sebastian Achleitner
Associate Director