Each restructuring scenario needs a strategy designed around the customer’s particular circumstances. We keep every component in view. And act with discernment and finesse when implementing changes.


goetzpartners works with companies or their stakeholders to identify necessary restructuring at an early stage – before it becomes a flashpoint. We also help to design and roll out the measures, and oversee implementation. As a rule, a project begins with instruments such as stress testing, an independent business review or a restructuring audit as per the Institute of German Public Auditors (IDW) Standard 6.

Customers value our holistic restructuring concepts using the goetzpartners Color Books®: a practice-tested approach that combines planning, managing and sustainable implementation of complex and large-scale restructuring projects.

On the journey from rapid turnaround to strong and sustainable realignment, we are a reliable partner for customers, taking them through the steps of stabilizing finances, restructuring performance, defining strategic positioning and systematic mobilization.

In challenging restructuring, fiduciary and insolvency cases, our combined expertise in corporate finance and corporate restructuring delivers sustainable value. Further information  Distressed M&A.


Our sector expertise


Our advisers have decades of experience in handling complex HR change processes in Germany and internationally. We have deep expertise in this area, benefiting both organizations and their employees in turnaround and M&A situations.

Our experts have an excellent understanding of the options available for HR-induced cost savings – including options to prevent layoffs. Applying good judgment and firmness, goetzpartners supports your company through all phases of workforce restructuring or downsizing. In some cases, we also act as the employer-side negotiator.

If redundancies are unavoidable, we will help you communicate these tough measures convincingly in a dialog with the relevant stakeholders. In negotiating with the works’ council and/or trade unions, we are recognized by both parties, and we aim to handle redundancies in a manner that is as socially compatible and also as discreet as possible.


Our sector expertise


Post-merger integration is one of the greatest challenges in the life cycle of an organization. goetzpartners provides workable solutions for this process, and helps to manage and oversee implementation.

Our experts ensure that M&A transactions have long-term success. To make this success happen, our corporate finance and management consulting teams work hand in hand, especially at the beginning of post-merger integration.

Because performance is tested and measured regularly using both quantitative and qualitative metrics, goetzpartners ensures that processes remain efficient and keeps the integration progressing smoothly.


Our sector expertise

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Paving your path through Post-Merger Integration


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goetzpartners Color Books®

goetzpartners Color Books ® is a suite of sector-specific methodologies that can be individually adapted to deliver effective, successful transformation.

These methodologies, called Color Books® create the basis for a sophisticated performance management system that unlocks the full potential of transformation programs. With a dedicated P&L link, it highlights the impact of specific measures on the actual financial performance, enabling organizations to maximize the value added throughout the process, from planning to execution.

Each of the seven Color Books® has a set of common elements that drive performance improvement measures across the organization. The content and focus of these elements can be adapted to suit the nature of the transformation and what the customer wants to achieve.

To learn more about the key factors driving success in transformation projects, and the potential savings that can be realized through the various Color Books®, please contact us.​​​​​​​

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