Portfolio Strategy

There are many options. It is vital to analyze them critically and soundly, and to do so at the right time.


goetzpartners understands the mechanisms of the target company, and follows a structured approach with a proven record of success in commercial due diligence.

We are pragmatic in how we act, and know our way around the industries we serve. We also have excellent analytical skills and can call on a strong network of experts. All this delivers significant value to customers. goetzpartners takes an unbiased look at transaction opportunities, identifies the potential for value creation and performance improvement, and also helps customers with post-deal measures.

goetzpartners performs integrated due diligence and also reviews sub-areas – for example in the form of commercial due diligence, red flag due diligence, pre-due diligence, cost or operational due diligence. Everything we do is focused on the needs and requirements of our customers.

With our long-standing international presence, we can manage projects globally and across multiple industries.


Our sector expertise


In the current investment environment, it takes a good “equity story”,  a clear strategic roadmap, and clearly defined leverage opportunities to help investors to achieve over-average ROI. goetzpartners understands these high expectations, and knows what pressure private equity companies are under.

We have the skill set and tools to meet ambitious schedules and clearly define responsibilities to ensure our customers can scope out and execute their action plans successfully. Experience shows that enacting measures promptly within the first 100 days of completing a transaction delivers the greatest success.

At the same time, we keep a firm eye on the medium- to long-term improvements that will raise the performance of key areas, and are committed to finding the best ways to maximize the value of the divestment.

Our sector expertise


 Giovanni Calia

Giovanni Calia Managing Director
Management Consultants

Dr Sigurd Kitzer

Dr Sigurd Kitzer Partner
Management Consultants

 Gerrit Schütte

Gerrit Schütte Partner
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