Entertainment unlimited!

But how do users get hold of their favourite content?

Consumers in Germany are confronted with a real explosion in the volume of content. However, 70 per cent of media users are not fully satisfied with how they are able to find content across all types of media, according to the goetzpartners study. Many different channels , which are filled with even more content from different providers. Which media should companies use and how should they use it to reach their customers in the best way possible?

So that consumers can find the right content faster and more directly, media companies have to take into account three success factors, according to the study: The right combination of channel and content, personalisation and an expressive brand are key to successfully monetising media content.

For the study "Entertainment Unlimited", goetzpartners conducted a representative consumer survey of 1,500 internet users in autumn 2015 and collected data about key questions involving TV usage: from end devices, content and functions to the business models of TV providers.

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