The number of regular mobile TV users is expected to reach 16.5 million in Germany by 2015

TIME Management Consultants

Mobile TV, i.e. the use of video features on tablets and smartphones, is becoming increasingly important. The number of regular users in Germany will soar from the current figure of roughly 3.8 million to 16.5 million by 2015 – which corresponds to an average increase of roughly 45 percent a year. By international comparison, however, Germany is clearly lagging behind. To further accelerate the development of mobile TV, users must not only have access to their preferred contents via their mobile devices, but also to conventional, classic TV contents. In addition to the significant expansion of broadband networks, video offerings must also be tailored more to mobile use and attractive payment options must be made available. This was the result of a recent IPTV study, which was based on a representative survey of individuals aged between 14 and 69 in Germany, England and France.

"Mobile TV will change significantly and expand the use of TV in the coming years," stated Dr. Alexander Henschel, the CEO of goetzpartners who was also responsible for the study.

Germany: Lowest use in comparison with England and France

The representative consumer survey found that the use of mobile TV is very low in Germany compared to its international counterparts. The number of respondents using mobile TV in Germany is less than half of that in England or France. The intensity of use is, however, very similar in all countries. Over 55 percent use mobile TV on a regular basis (several times during the week) and 75% at least once a week. This indicates that although the mobile offerings are certainly a success, marketing has not reached the majority of the population.