Resilient supply chains – the key to sustainable business success

goetzparters analysis

Management Consultants Supply Chain Management

Conventional risk management is not enough to enable companies to emerge unscathed or even invigorated from periods of crisis. They also need resilient supply chains: Sustained and successful growth is reserved solely for those with the ability to overcome even unforeseeable risks such as natural disasters rapidly and without harm. Five factors – agility, redundancy, decentrality, diversity and a permanent learning processes – make the difference. These are the findings of a current study by goetzpartners based on a survey covering a wide variety of sectors.

The importance of being able to deal with both foreseeable and unforeseeable risks is illustrated by the fact that while 72 percent of those surveyed take an active approach to supply chain risks, “What’s lacking is a systemic and holistic perception and the resulting actions. These would provide the basis on which to make the supply chain organization and processes more resistant to malfunctions,” says Marc Staudenmayer, Managing Director of goetzpartners and head of the Service Line Supply Chain Management.