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What are the challenges that quality organizations face in the Digital Age? Leading experts explored the impact of digitalization on quality at the goetzpartners’ “Quality goes digital” roundtable event in New York on April 6, 2017.

New York, NY, April 7, 2017 – Fast-paced transformation of business models, products, and services in the digital era brings major challenges to maintain high product and service quality. goetzpartners, a leading independent advisory firm, hosted a roundtable in its New York office in the World Trade Center to discuss the potential impact of digitalization on quality organizations and how customers will perceive quality. The conference featured eminent keynote speakers and representatives of various industries and served to identify potential trajectories for development as “Quality goes digital!”.

Challenges for quality in the digital era

Philipp von Stietencron, Partner and Head of Quality Practice at goetzpartners, outlined the motivation for the conference: “Traditionally, the standards of formal organizations such as ISO played a key role in the quality agenda, and quality was centered around process stability and fault reduction. However, as products and services become more virtual and interconnected, they are increasingly designed around the basic needs of consumers. Quality is more than ever a measure of how well the provider has understood and met these needs. The purpose of the roundtable was to examine this changed view.”

The conference topic was much in demand, drawing leading quality and digital experts from a wide range of sectors, including Telecommunications, FMCG, and Industrials. With their diverse backgrounds, all participants were brought together by the same question: “How can quality organizations turn the challenges of digitalization into opportunities?”

The keynote speakers – Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer at Nokia, Oliver Kraft, Head of Operational Excellence at Siemens, Dr. Frederik Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google, Robert Schmitt, Professor at RWTH Aachen University, and Jon Sobel, CEO and Co-Founder at Sight Machine, a digital start-up – shared their insights on the future of quality in the digital era. They addressed key questions, such as how to engage customers in quality, how to strike a balance between quality and innovation, and what the future has in store for the role of a Quality Manager.

Participants also had the chance to take part in the conversation, and there was a lively debate on how companies can become more agile and dynamic in responding to market expectations and challenges while maintaining high quality and brand value. Partnerships with customers and suppliers have a role to play in addressing quality challenges, and there was also a discussion around ways to enable quality organizations to mine the wealth of data that becomes available as companies begin to seamlessly connect.

It’s all about change

The “Quality goes digital!” roundtable made clear that a higher level of quality culture within organizations will be imperative. Keynote speaker Oliver Kraft, Siemens stressed this point, saying: “No quality – no sales, very simple. Quality will play a major role in technology development, in the business.” Quality will inevitably become more analytical as it embraces the potential of digital technologies. Jon Sobel, Sight Machine sees positive opportunities in this development: “I believe a quality organization will be able to do more as it goes digital, see more, relate more, connect better.” And Deepti Arora, Nokia expounded on how to create a company culture focused on customer delight: “Quality should be an attitude dedicated to creating a very trusted delightful experience for customers – an experience that they don’t necessarily expect. So if you believe such an experience will be increasingly important, then quality will be important – but it will have to be embedded in the company’s DNA.”

One of the most crucial questions of the day was asked by Professor Robert Schmitt, RWTH Aachen University. He wanted to know how companies can bring more quality into their business models, because this will differentiate the company.

The roundtable delivered on its promise to be a source of fresh ideas, giving organizations valuable insights on the opportunities for quality emerging from digital transformation. The feedback was highly positive. Kenny Tsang, VP for Quality of Foxconn Technology Group appreciated the direction of the event: “Most of the discussion focused on change, which is exactly what we need in our business!”

The “Quality goes Digital” roundtable was the first event held by goetzpartners in New York and is part of an ongoing agenda to create meaningful conversations around key topics relating to strategy, M&A, and transformation.

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