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goetzpartners supports Year of the Goat conferences in Hamburg, Frankfurt and London

With the aim of promoting digitisation in Germany and beyond, goetzpartners has set itself up as one of the main sponsors of the Year of the Goat, a series of conferences promoting exchanges between experts, original thinkers and company representatives. The series kicks off with the YEAR OF THE GOAT (YOTG) event on 8 September in the Hamburger Markthalle. At this event, Marc Ziegler, Head of Digital Business at goetzpartners, and Marcus Worbs, a partner at goetzpartners, will be presenting successful strategies for data-driven B2B and B2C business models. In TED-style talks, workshops and lectures, more than 30 speakers will be illuminating the topic of digital transformation, including representatives from Volkswagen, YouTube, Uber, Deutsche Telekom, Singularity University, as well as neuroscientists and media experts.

“As pioneers of the digital transformation for our customers, our aim is to recognise trends and developments at an early stage and bring them into our consulting projects. Breaking new ground and seeking exchanges with innovative minds were the main reasons we became partners of the YOTG series”, explains Marcus Worbs. “We all know there is no magic formula for the success of digital business models. However, a combination of the right management attitude, a clear vision of the company’s future and a fault-tolerant corporate culture can contribute significantly to success”, says Marc Ziegler.

Marcus Worbs about our Year of the Goat sponsorship:

goetzpartners video: Marcus Worbs about our Year of the Goat sponsorship

Marc Ziegler about key factors for digital success:

goetzpartners video: Marc Ziegler about key factors for digital success