New foundation: supporting aid projects for disadvantaged young people

A strong pillar of goetzpartners’ social commitment / SchlaU-Schule and aktiF e.V. chosen as first projects for support

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Munich, 30.06.2016 – Helping disadvantaged young people as a token of its social responsibility: with this aim in mind, consulting company goetzpartners has established a new foundation. The goetzpartners Foundation aims to support, in particular, aid projects for disadvantaged children and young people in need, and for youngsters from migrant backgrounds. The first projects that are being supported in 2016 by the foundation are the SchlaU-Schule of the refugee-support group Trägerkreis “Junge Flüchtlinge” e.V. and aktiF e.V., an initiative of the Bavarian Cooperative of the Order of Saint John. They will receive assistance with their work and a substantial donation. By establishing the foundation, goetzpartners is adding another pillar to its already comprehensive social commitment. In the past, the consulting company has offered social initiatives specialist know-how on subjects such as organisational development and fund-raising. Staff from goetzpartners have also taken part in various local projects via corporate volunteering.

“Success comes with responsibility: and this conviction has been firmly anchored in the corporate culture of goetzpartners since the day it was founded,” explains Armin Raffalski, Partner at goetzpartners and member of the goetzpartners Foundation board. “For some years now, we’ve been supporting projects for disadvantaged children and young people in need, and for youngsters from migrant backgrounds. The goetzpartners Foundation is another pillar of this social commitment. As well as making a financial contribution, we also want to invest know-how, time, trust and networks for the benefit and success of the people and organisations we are trying to help.”

Main focus: integrating disadvantaged young people

The aim of the goetzpartners Foundation is to support, in particular, aid projects for disadvantaged children and needy young people and their families in Germany who rely on help on account of their physical, mental or emotional state or financial situation. It can do this, for example, by supporting initiatives in youth work, promoting educational and training projects, and providing a consulting and training service for migrants.

The goetzpartners Foundation aims to provide one major project and several smaller ones with financial and other support every year. The projects will be chosen by an advisory panel of the foundation, partners of goetzpartners, and Michael Alberg-Seberich of Beyond Philanthropy, a consulting company that specialises in foundations and sponsorships.

goetzpartners Foundation supports SchlaU-Schule and aktiF e.V.

One of the first two projects chosen by the foundation’s board to receive support is the SchlaU-Schule project of the Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. sponsorship group. The project meets the criteria of the goetzpartners Foundation on several fronts, providing intensive, enduring support to young migrants with the aim of facilitating their speedy integration into Germany’s mainstream school and training system. The sponsorship group’s schools and programmes are currently teaching around 400 young people. As well as pledging financial support via the foundation itself, goetzpartners is also supplying the project with know-how from its consultants, helping Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. with its organisational development, and cooperating with staff on a concept to expand beyond the current Munich location. The second project, aktiF e.V., provides primary school pupils with a migration background with mentors with the same cultural background as a way of facilitating integration. The goetzpartners Foundation provides both financial and organisational support to this initiative with the aim of having the successful concept used by other schools.

A holistic approach to corporate social responsibility

Promoting social initiatives with financial and other aid via the foundation and through sponsorships is just one aspect of goetzpartners’ social commitment. goetzpartners takes a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility; as such, this commitment starts with investing its own expertise in the form of pro-bono projects for children and young people, and in the area of migration. For example, goetzpartners is currently involved in a pro-bono project to transfer the idea of the Lighthouse Welcome Center – a welcome point for migrants at the Bayernkaserne reception centre in Munich – to other sites and thus broaden the scope of the project.

In addition, goetzpartners is encouraging every member of its staff to invest time and energy in support of social projects and is releasing corresponding teams to work on the initiatives. This corporate volunteering programme will see staff from goetzpartners involved in various on-the-job projects, working in Caritas youth centres, cooperating with the Malteser facilities, participating in the “Zeit des Lachens” initiative, and supporting the “AJE Career Training” and Children’s Home Support initiatives in Paris and Moscow respectively.

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