Marc Staudenmayer to take on responsibility for the Supply Chain Management area at goetzpartners

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Before joining goetzpartners as a managing director, Marc Staudenmayer's career path included working at AT Kearney until 1994. In 1995, he founded the Masai manage-ment consultancy in Paris (which later became known as Araia in Germany), and was responsible for over 300 supply chain management projects. Numerous national and international projects in purchasing and logistics in different sectors such as the manu-facturing and process industries, mechanical engineering, consumer goods, and the finance and media sectors, were implemented under his corporate responsibility.  Besides Marc Staudenmayer, Sven Rademacher is also joining goetzpartners. Sven Rademacher also worked at Masai / Araia from 1999 on, before moving to Q-Cells where he, too, acquired operational supply chain management experience. "We are greatly looking forward to the new corporate challenge at one of the proven market leaders in management consultancy, and to making an additional contribution to goetzpartners' successful further development within the existing professional envi-ronment," commented Staudenmayer.