Is your finance area fit for the Champions League?

A goetzpartners CFO survey shows which leagues finance areas play in

National League or Champions League?

More than 100 companies from eight sectors were compared in goetzpartners' recently-published study entitled CFO Pulse Check 2013. The result: most CFO organizations put in a solid performance on average. There are only a few that merely reach county division level. By and large, most CFO organizations are playing national league level. Only a very few, however, are already fit enough for the Champions League.

Five recommendations for the CFO

The goetzpartners Pulse Check shows how finance areas can reach this champion level. Five recommendations are derived from the analysis. Data processing and IT, for example, hold major optimization potential: central data management is conspicuous by absence at 40 percent of the CFO organizations surveyed, while only 4 percent of large-scale organizations (> EUR 3 billion sales) utilize automated reports to report continuously and transparently to top management. Champions, by contrast, have implemented strong and clear sovereignty over data and processes.

The goetzpartners CFO study provides the complete results, a comparison of various sectors, as well as detailed recommendations. You can download the complete study HERE.