goetzpartners is one of the “Best Advisers 2015”

The firm features on the best list for Strategy Development, M&A and Restructuring

Fellow advisers and clients have made their judgment. According to the latest study by business magazine brand eins and Statista, goetzpartners is one of the Best Advisers 2015 in the categories “Strategy Development”“, “M&A” and “Restructuring”. The award confirms the added value of our advisory approach for all key issues of entrepreneurial activity: Strategy, M&A and Transformation.

This year was the second time the magazine has published its award for advisers. In the biggest nationwide survey in the consulting sector, 1,439 partners from firms of advisers and about 1,500 clients took part in the survey and gave their recommendations. The best lists were drawn up for 13 sectors and 14 fields of work. Out of more than 15,000 firms, this year 278 made it on to the list.