goetzpartners is a partner of "DISRUPTION 2017 – The digital Transformation of the economy"

F.A.Z. Forum conference on November 9, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main

goetzpartners is a partner of this year’s conference of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung's Forum called “Disruption 2017 – the Digital Transformation of the Economy”. In the morning, our digital expert Niels-Christian Krüger, Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation, will join the opening panel "Economic Miracle 4.0: Digital business models made in Germany". In the afternoon, Sebastian Olbert, author of the goetzpartners Agile Performer Index, will serve as host of the following roundtable discussion:

Powered by Agility: Why Agile Companies Are More Innovative 

Our panel members:

  • Susanne Hahn (Daimler Business Innovation/Lab1886)
  • Dr. Christoph v. Ungern-Sternberg (DB Vertrieb GmbH)
  • Dr. Jan Malmendier (Allianz Deutschland AG)

Agility is the precondition for innovation in companies and, thus, for the successful digital transformation of business models. Agility is also a real performance driver: The Agile Performer Index 2017 conducted a 10-year comparison of an industry and found that the most agile companies were nearly three times more successful than their competitors. The question now facing companies is not whether they should be agile – but how. The key is to view agility as a fundamental attitude. Such an effort involves much more than the selective introduction of agile methods into individual projects or company departments. Agility is a transformation project for the entire company organism. Together with our panel members, we will discuss such questions as:

  • How can agility be measured, and how agile are Europe’s companies?
  • How can a company become an agile organization, and how does agility impact a company’s performance? Where can management focus?
  • Best practices: How is agility brought to life in a company?

The conference of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum is organized by the business editorial staff of the daily newspaper. The event is scheduled for November 8 – 9, 2017, and will bring together more than 250 decision makers and digital experts from a broad range of industries and areas. They will jointly discuss which strategies must be employed and which decisions must be made in order for companies to remain competitive during the phase of digital transformation and to produce further growth.

Visit us on November 9 in the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt am Main. We look forward to seeing you!

MORE INFORMATION (Event website in German language only)