goetzpartners analysis: Excellent growth expectations for cable network operators in Europe

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Since 2005, the market of cable network operators has been growing by approximately 8 percent per year. This positive development should continue if cable network operators manage to convert their excellent starting positions on a competitive platform into revenues and market shares. goetzpartners provides strategies and helps implement measures which cable network operators can use to reach an EBITDA increase of up to 25 percent within two years.

Cable as a multimedia platform is positioned very well in all EU-countries and  competes well with other platforms and meets the multimedia demands of customers. This is the result of a recent study by goetzpartners that analyzed the cable markets of EU-countries. In the considered developed cable markets, (with a cable penetration of 25 to 75 percent) the number of cable based internet and telephony contracts has increased by an average 41 percent per year; the number of cable-TV contracts has increased by almost 2 percent per year. Currently, the share of cable-TV households in total households is already over 50 percent in 10 EU-countries.