DLD Conference: goetzpartners presents the current IPTV study

Management Consultants

IPTV is still experiencinghard times in Germany. A representative survey among IPTV users and suppliers revealed 5 key success factors that could lead to the breakthrough of IPTV:

  • Suppliers have to invest more and provide users with more attractive offers. IPTV still requires internet connection with a band width of more than 3 Mbit/s for TV with a standard SD quality and more than 6 Mbit/s for TV in HD quality. The higher the offered band width, the better the TV experience and the possibilities for IPTV.
  • Suppliers have to establish IPTV as a brand. Only strong brands that are tailored to the target group will be successful.
  • IPTV has to offer attractive added-value to the consumers by interactive and individualized offers.
  • IPTV needs attractive pricing. This can be achieved if the advertising market can contribute considerably if it adapts to the needs of IPTV and develops reasonable revenue models.
  • IPTV must be simple and easy to use. This applies for hardware, IPTV offers and additional functionalities.

The study (German language) can be ordered here. For an English summary, please contact Manuela.Nikui@goetzpartners.com