goetzpartners presents new digital business models at the YEAR OF THE GOAT event

The first YEAR OF THE GOAT festival in Munich is all about “Digital Transformation and Innovation”: How do we transform businesses and people in the digital age? How do we facilitate change and innovation in large and small companies? What is required to accelerate Digital Transformation and what are the key ingredients necessary?

Marc Ziegler, Head of Digital Business at goetzpartners, will give an insight in new digital business models at the event. Ziegler has advised over 50 companies across various industries and over 20 web startups on acceleration of digital business. In his speech he will highlight several international best practice business model examples from various industries and illustrate how companies can find innovative business models for themselves.

According to Chinese zodiac 2015 is “the year of the goat”. On the occasion of that the event YEAR OF THE GOAT is much influenced by overcoming the goat in us to pave the way for digital transformation. In times of digitalization companies and people face continuous change. But usually humans are not fond of change and want to keep things as they are.

Nevertheless the rapid technological development affects all facets of our working and living domains. That means in the long term a transformation of business models is necessary to explore new economic opportunities. There are over 15 experts from business, the arts or sports at the event who have exactly achieved that and who want to pass on their knowledge and experience to the participants of the event.

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